Wild Food Cook Off

Open Engagement, Portland Oregon

The Wild Food Cook-Off gave the public the opportunity to taste, share and judge the best in foraged and wild foods of Portland. Individual cooks, foragers, and cart owners submitted their best ‘dish’ using local foraged and wild foods available for free in the urban spaces, waters and wild lands of Oregon.

The event provided an opportunity for discussion about local foods via foraging walks (Thanks to Urban Girl, Rebecca Lerner) and allowed people to experience tantalizing food sensations like dandelions, wild leeks, mushrooms, wild-weed flavored seltzer waters, morels, elk, eel, a homemade wild-yeast mead, and even local nutria chili!


  • 1st Place: LOVE FACTORY (Brad & Riva) for wild sodas
  • 2nd Place: Amber & Eliza's fancy wild spread including nettle-copita
  • 3rd Place: Jonas & Toma for grilled elk, eel & venison stroganoff
  • Thanks also to Rudy’s Wild Ice Cream, Katie’s Wild Yeast Mead, and Christopher’s Nutria Chili, all were also very popular!