Design Week Portland!

Images are the work of the Untitled Studio, winners of the design for the Portland Green Loop.

Design Week Portland! Design & Citizenship: Using the Green Loop as a Tool for Social Good

April 27, 2017

How can the Green Loop serve the people of Portland and encourage civic engagement? Join artists Michelle Illuminato and Ariana Jacob to investigate the social aspects of urban space, unpack pressing needs and challenges for locals and newcomers alike, and dream about the future of our city. This experiential workshop will consider how public space and public process can invite participation from a diverse range of people. We will walk a portion of the Green Loop’s proposed course to gather our own sense of this future park as a physical, cultural and political place, and imagine and enact open, invitational strategies for our city’s public life.

The workshop was led by Michelle Illuminato and Ariana Jacob. More about Ariana can be found here.